A Canadian Wore A New York Jets Hoodie & Was So Confused By All The Male Attention She Got

She thought they were asking her about the Fall season, not American football season.

A woman in a New York Jets jersey. Right: A woman telling the story at the coffee shop.
Florida Associate Editor

A woman in a New York Jets jersey. Right: A woman telling the story at the coffee shop.

A woman from Canada went to a coffee shop and didn't understand why she was getting so much male attention until she realized it was because of her outfit.

The TikToker's (@bourtneycake) obliviousness in mid-October brought in 1.3 million views from sharing her basically sure-fire way to get a boyfriend.

It all began when she put on her New York Jets oversized hoodie and everyone suddenly started asking her about "the season." Of course, she thought they were talking about the actual season, Fall, not football season.

While she was getting herself a caffeine fix, she said four men came up to talk to her.

"They stopped me to say 'good luck,' and I said 'thank you because it's Sunday and I am feeling really sensitive and vulnerable about the week coming so thank you for recognizing,'" she said.

The TikToker doesn't watch the NFL, but, as she mentioned in her video, "I'm single, so I have to buy myself boyfriend sweaters," as to why she was wearing the football merch.

It wasn't until a man in a Green Bay Packers fit asked her how she felt about the season that she realized her confusion.

"I feel great," she said. "I f*king love Fall. It is the perfect temperature, thank you for asking. Why is everyone in such a good mood today?"

Then, reality struck. It was football Sunday.


I feel great about the fall sports season the leaves are changing great this year #newyorkjets #sports #nba

Now, the TikTok creator swears by this method to attract men in public places, and her audience couldn't agree more as they fell in love with her story.

"It works every time!! I wear sports gear to the bar with my friends dressed up and the guys always go to the sporty girl 🤣🤪," one viewer responded.

Others said she was giving Miss Congeniality vibes.

"A: 'Describe your perfect date.' B: 'April 25th, because it's not too hot, not too cold…' 😭," someone commented reciting lines from the Sandra Bullock movie.

So many women responded with their own stories of when they were also confused by the attention they received because of their sports attire.

No matter what the case may be, it might be a fun tactic for single people to try!

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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