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Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce is putting down the football and picking up the mic to host this week's Saturday Night Live and viewers are absolutely fangirling. Even his own team is publicly supporting his small stint as an actor.

It was announced back in February that he would be on the show with musical guest Kelsea Ballerini, and, now that his promo commercials have come out, the audience is hyped.

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The Buffalo Bills Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals was postponed mid-game until further notice when Bills' athlete Damar Hamlin collapsed after a tackle.

During the first quarter, Bengals Wide Receiver, Tee Higgins, was tackled by Hamlin, who got back up after the play and then collapsed on his back. After immediate medical attention on the field, the NY team confirmed he was taken to the hospital.

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Brooklyn Nets' player, Kyrie Irving, recently was suspended from playing for publicizing an anti-semitic film and then refusing to say he is not against the Jewish community during a media opportunity, according to a statement from the team.

After promoting the documentary, an interviewer asked him on November 3 if he had any anti-semitic beliefs.

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A woman from Canada went to a coffee shop and didn't understand why she was getting so much male attention until she realized it was because of her outfit.

The TikToker's (@bourtneycake) obliviousness in mid-October brought in 1.3 million views from sharing her basically sure-fire way to get a boyfriend.

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