J.J. Watt Slams Houston Publication After Not Mentioning Kealia Ohai's Name In A Headline

The hero Houston doesn't deserve but needs.

Ohai, a former Houston Dash player, was recently traded to play for the Chicago Red Stars. While this would normally be a cause for celebration (which it definitely still is), it is now being shadowed by the fact that she is J.J. Watt's fiance and he is not happy about it. In a recent tweet on his page, J.J. Watt called out a Houston news source after referencing Ohai only as his "fiancee." 

Ohai and Watt got engaged in May 2019 on a dreamy summer afternoon, with a picture-perfect beach sunset in the background. Their engagement formed an unstoppable Houston sports power duo with both of them being powerhouses in their own respective sports, and repping Houston while at it.

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A Fan Suffered TWO Explosive Hits To The Face At The Spurs-Rockets Game Last Night (VIDEOS)

Party foul!

The Spurs vs Rockets game last night was eventful for several reasons, but not the ones you'd expect. Aside from the Dejounte Murray and James Harden drama, which was juicy in itself, a fan was getting every reason to never come to another Rockets game again! Last night at the Houston Rockets game, a fan had beer splashed on her not once, but twice, and it was anything but her fault.

I'm sure not a single fan in the audience of the Spurs vs Rockets game last night anticipated leaving soaking wet, but unfortunately, that was the case for one. 

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Dejounte Murray And James Harden Fought In Houston Last Night & Fans Are Shocked (VIDEO)

Just because they're both from Texas doesn't mean they have to get along.

Basketball games can get everyone riled up, especially when we're this far into the season. From the fans in the stands to the players on the court, you never know what to expect from a game, especially when two iconic teams are playing. Last night, Spurs' Dejounte Murray and Rockets' James Harden fought over a play that resulted in Murray scoring for the Spurs.

The San Antonio Spurs faced off against the Houston Rockets in Houston, leading up to the two players butting heads.

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Matthew McConaughey Was Being A Total Astros Fan At The World Series In Houston Last Night

Alright, alright, alright!

The World Series had every Texan on an emotional whirlwind this past week. The results of Game Seven were not favorable, but there is one thing about the game that still gave us a glimmer of happiness to be Texans. The one and only Matthew McConaughey was seen at the World Series game last night decked out in Astros gear.

The actor is known for being a Texas Rangers fan, but the Astros were the ones to make it to the World Series, so of course, McConaughey had to support the Texas team. The actor was seen wearing the team's jersey and a stylish Astros hat.

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Twitter's New Hero Is The Fan Who Didn't Drop His Beers To Catch The Astros Home Run Ball

A hero to us all.

The World Series continues, and to our enjoyment, the Astros are doing much better this time around. The Houston team won the game last night seven to one at the Nationals. Everyone in the bleachers were going wild over the heart-pounding turn of events. During the incredible Houston Astros World Series game, something in the stands happened that was super out of the ordinary.

A man, who was later identified as Jeff Adams, was walking back to his seat with two beers in his hand. At the same time, the Astros hit a home run, and the ball went flying straight to Adams. The ball hit him the chest, but Adams was keen not to drop his beers!

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Alex Rodriguez Was Spotted Being A Total Fanboy At The World Series In Houston Yesterday

It was a wild night.

Yesterday was the second game of the World Series, and all of Texas watched with their hopes high. In the end, not a single part of the game seemed to go as we hoped. There were so many surprises in store for Astros fans at this game, including that Alex Rodriguez was spotted in Houston for the World Series. Unfortunately, he went to root for the other team. 

A-Rod stopped by to take pics with the Washington Nationals before the game to show his support. The baseball star seemed to be very happy and excited for the team. Earlier this month, Rodriguez had tweeted his support for the team by congratulating them on their first World Series appearance.

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