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Edmonton's CFL Team Have A Whole New Look & A Whole New Team Name

Antler up, Edmonton!

Say hello to the CFL's newest not-so-new team: the Edmonton Elks.

A year after Edmonton's CFL team announced they were officially changing their name, the Elks announced a whole bunch of new changes — including a new name — on June 1, 2021.

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'Once An Oiler, Always An Oiler' Canadians Mourn Famous Locker Room Attendant Joey Moss

Connor MdDavid's message will have you in tears. 😭

On Monday, October 26, news broke that Edmonton's beloved Joey Moss had passed away. 

The longtime Oilers locker room attendant was 57 and was beloved to athletes and sports fans across Canada. 

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Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid Has 'Fully Recovered' From COVID-19 & Hardly Had Symptoms

Edmonton's sweetheart is back in action. 🏒

If you know hockey, you know Connor McDavid

The Edmonton Oilers' star boy is a serious force to be reckoned with and serves as the captain of his team. 

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Connor McDavid Of The Edmonton Oilers Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Uh oh. 😳

The Edmonton Oilers have officially announced that Connor McDavid has tested positive for COVD-19. 

On Monday, October 5, the Edmonton Oilers released a Facebook post stating that the captain of the team underwent medical testing. 

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The Stanley Cup Win Was Super Canadian With Half Of The Team Hailing From The True North

Not to mention the cup was won in Canada!

This year's Stanley Cup win was very Canadian despite no Canadian teams actually playing in the final.

How did Canada manage to make the Stanely cup win all about us?

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The Edmonton Oilers Are Doing 50/50 Draws For The Playoffs

Someone won $7 million last time. 🤑

Your dreams of winning the lottery may come true thanks to hockey — the Edmonton Oilers 50/50 draw during the Stanley Cup playoffs will give you so many chances to score.

According to the team, there's going to be a 50/50 draw every single game during the finals.

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