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A Video Has Surfaced Of An On-Duty Calgary Cop Refusing To Wear A Mask (VIDEO)

He also shames stores who require masks to enter.
A Video Has Surfaced Of An On-Duty Calgary Cop Refusing To Wear A Mask (VIDEO)

A video has emerged online of a Calgary police officer explaining why he won't wear a mask while on shift at Chinook mall. 

According to CBC News, the officer's name is Const. Ryan Lashbrook and he was at the mall patrolling an anti-mask protest at the time of the conversation that led to this video. 

Lashbrook expresses his feelings about stores refusing to serve customers who aren't wearing masks, reports CBC. "If a store's policy is you have to wear a mask and they won't let you in, if they're willing to toss away sales and a customer base because of that, shame on them," he says. 

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Police told Narcity in an email that "The Calgary Police Service requires members to wear a face covering during all interactions with the public, as well as while in public indoor spaces."

The officer is heard saying that he has asthma, though he says "it doesn't have to be diagnosed." 

During the conversation, he expressed fear about the potential for mandatory vaccines

"It's just scary," he said. 

Chinook Center put up a post on social media back on August 1 mandating masks inside the premises. 

The statement from CPS continued to say "The Service continues to work closely with provincial health officials to ensure our members, as well as the public we interact with, are protected from COVID-19 and that we are doing our part to reduce exposures of this virus."

This article's cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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