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Trudeau Just Revealed What He's Missing Most During The Pandemic On An Alberta Radio Show

He also had the cutest reaction to being asked how he was doing for a change. 🥺

At around 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, October 27, the Prime Minister appeared on an Albertan radio station based in Canmore and reaching to Banff. If you didn't catch Trudeau on Mountain FM, we've got the scoop. 

The PM spoke with the show's host, Rob Murray, about the pandemic response in Alberta.

He acknowledged that "places like Canmore and Banff are so dependant on international travellers and there's no amount of supports we can give to accommodate that." He said he wants to give people enough support to hold on until we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

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How are you personally holding up? 

Rob Murray

The host asked the PM how he's been doing, a question he was totally tickled by. "Thanks for asking, Rob," he giggled. 

"I really miss travelling across the country. I love meeting people, I love connecting with people, and that's been tough on everyone through this time.

"The idea that the federal government can actually be here to directly support people and get us through this time. It’s really, really meaningful," he said.

Clearly, he doesn't get asked how he's doing often. Life would be tough when it's always "how's Canada?" and never "how are you?" 

Rob Murry from Mountain FM showed Trudeau some good old-fashioned Canmore hospitality and the PM even said he wishes he was doing the interview in-person as he heard the ski hills are already starting to open up in Banff.