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Alberta Just Cut Gathering Limits Down To 15 People After Another Record-Breaking Weekend

There were 1,440 new COVID-19 cases in the province this weekend. 😳

On Monday, October 26, Dr. Deena Hinshaw addressed the public about COVID-19 in the province. During her address, she announced that Alberta gathering limits will be bumped back down to a 15-person maximum. 

These new limits are mandatory in Calgary and Edmonton, said Hinshaw, and they followed an announcement of 1,440 new cases over the weekend and seven new deaths.

“We have now crossed a tipping point and are losing the balance we have been seeking. This weekend's COVID-19 numbers tell the story clearly. We identified on average 480 cases of COVID-19 per day over the weekend,” said the top doctor.

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4,477 Active cases in Alberta

She said the new case limit applies to any situation where there will be mingling including dinner parties, social events, and basically any type of event. So, this might rule out your Halloween party.

The restrictions apply to wedding and funeral receptions, but not ceremonies.

The province will be reassessing the new limits in a month. 

"This 15-person limit is temporary. It will be reassessed after one month and can be lifted if we see our growth rate, or R-value, decline below one, and new case numbers consistently below 100 in each city," Hinshaw explained. 

In addition, the voluntary health measures that have been in place in Edmonton will now be applied in Calgary.