Winnipeg Just Slashed Gathering Numbers To A Maximum Of 5 People & Shut Down Bars

BREAKING: This is starting up Monday!
Winnipeg Just Slashed Gathering Numbers To A Maximum Of 5 People & Shut Down Bars

On Friday, October 16, Dr. Brent Roussin, chief provincial public health officer, address the public with an update on COVID-19 in Manitoba

Roussin explained in the conference that cases in the province continue to climb, particularly in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Area where they're seeing a positivity rate of 6.3%. 

As such, he announced new restrictions which will be effective on Monday, October 19 and continue for two weeks before being re-assessed. 

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“We need to make this change, this sacrifice for two weeks.”

Dr. Brent Roussin

As of Monday, gathering limits will be decreased from 10 to five. 

"In addition to household members you can have only five other people at your home," he said. He also said only tables of five or less will be allowed at restaurants. 

Next, he explained that all beverage rooms, entertainment facilities, casinos, and bingo halls will be closed. In the question period, the health official explained that "beverage rooms" include bars, clubs, and lounges that aren't restaurants.  

In addition, restaurants and retail stores will only be allowed to operate at 50% capacity. 

The health official said that fines can be issued when required and the province will be looking at stepping up enforcement efforts in the coming weeks. 

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