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Ottawa Senators Owner Clarifies That He Doesn't Think Fans Should Be In Arenas Right Now

He originally said he'd submitted a 'robust' plan to get 6,000 fans back in seats.

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk surely made Sens fans excited when he tweeted that he'd submitted a "robust public safety plan" that would see 6,000 fans return to Ottawa's Canadian Tire Centre.

But just a few hours later, Melnyk had deleted the tweets and clarified that the time is not right to let fans come into in the arena.

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Alex Trebek Announcing Ottawa's NHL Pick Jeopardy Style Is So Wholesomely Canadian

What is... super Canadian?

It's a Canadian affair. That's what fellow Canucks saw last night when one of the country's favourite TV hosts, Alex Trebek, announced Ottawa's NHL draft pick, in Jeopardy style no less.

And it was wholesomely Canadian.

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Brady Tkachuk Made A Senators Fan Cry By Making Her Valentine's Wish Come True (VIDEO)

Pretty pucking cute, huh?

Bringing signs to hockey games is a long-standing tradition, and if you’re lucky, there can be a big payoff too. Some of the more creative sign holders have been known to receive pucks, sticks, selfies with their favourite players, and more. Ottawa Senators star Brady Tkachuk is no stranger to this tradition, and he recently made one sign holder's Valentine’s Day dreams come true. Her reaction was almost too cute for words. 

The Sens fan could be spotted sitting front and centre at Canadian Tire Centre, holding a sign which read “Tkachuk will you be my Valentine?”

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22 Photos Of Ottawa Senators Players Being The Best Damn Dog Dads

Puppy perfection!

It's a long old season in the NHL and don't the Ottawa Senators know it? While their chances of making the playoffs may be almost mathematically impossible, we’ve got a math equation that Sens fans will surely love. Players + puppies = the cutest thing we’ve seen all day. So, if you’re looking for some wholesome doggo content, look no further.

That's because we’ve rounded up 22 of the sweetest photos of Sens players and their dogs to prove that this team is full of proud pup papas. 

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Ottawa Sens Player Nikita Zaitsev's Ex-Wife Is Accusing Him Of Kidnapping (VIDEO)

She says she hasn't seem them in 12 days.

Allegations have emerged online as former Leaf and current Ottawa Senators player Nikita Zaitev's ex-wife has accused him of kidnapping. In a video posted to her social media, Margo Gotovtseva shows what appears to be Zaitsev and other men taking her daughters into a vehicle. She claims she hasn't seen them in 12 days. 

Gotovtseva, who goes by margo_ruby on Instagram, uploaded the video early in the morning on December 6, 2019. It was accompanied by a long caption written originally in Russian. 

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A Canadian NHL Player Stopped A Thief In Vancouver By "Clotheslining" Him

His teammates even call him "Borocop".

Could we have a Canadian vigilante on our hands who's gaslighting as an NHL player? A player on one of Canada's NHL teams is looking like a bit of a superhero after he stopped a robbery. Mark Borowiecki's Vancouver theft stoppage is straight out of an action movie and getting the player lots of attention.

Borowiecki is a defenceman and alternate captain for the Ottawa Senators and while in Vancouver ahead of a game against the Canucks, he stopped a theft from happening on December 1.

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