Inter Miami Is Exploding On Social Media This Morning After A Massive Announcement

A famous soccer player is coming to South Beach.

Miami's newest Major League Soccer team is buzzing on social media after a huge announcement was made this morning.

Superstar Blaise Matuidi is reportedly coming to Inter Miami, the city's MLS franchise, according to sports reporter Fabrizio Romano.

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The Internet Just Fell In Love With Ochocinco After His 1K Tip At A Florida Restaurant

This isn't the first time he left a big tip.

With restaurants taking a beating the past two months, something good just had to come their way. For Havana's Cuban Cuisine in Cooper City, that good thing came in the form of over a generous tip from a former NFL player. Chad Johnson tipped a Florida waiter $1,000 on Monday, May 18.

"Proverbs 11:25," Johnson wrote in his caption, which says, "a generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."

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Miami Heat Just Brought Back Their Iconic 'Harlem Shake' Video

With a behind the scenes look of the making of the video!

Some memes just never seem to die —or at least, they go on long hibernations before being reawakened by a Miami NBA team, and in this case, that’s exactly what happened to the 2013 fad of the Harlem Shake. After fans begged Miami Heat to bring back their hilarious old video, it finally resurfaced on the team’s Instagram account a few days ago. Needless to say, it’s still as entertaining as before, and they even shared a peek into the making of the magic!

Cast your mind back to the depths of your memories from 2013 and you may recall that the internet meme involved a group of people sitting idle while one instigator riles them up. While the exact origins of the meme are up for debate, it took the internet by storm.

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You Can Train Like A Pro At Home With The Captain Of The Miami Heat (VIDEO)

No gym, no problem.

Staying home and social distancing has almost felt like a New Years Resolution with so many people starting up new fitness routines and challenges on social media to join in on. If you’ve vowed to take this time to invest in your body and bring exercise back into your daily routine or are just looking for new ways to shake it up at home, the Miami Heat has your back! You can actually train like the pros via Twitter with this routine from captain Udonis Haslem.

Toting the hashtags #PlayInside and #NBATogether, the video is a reminder that we’re all in this together and that one of our local NBA teams still has players working hard to stay on their game.

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The Heat's Meyers Leonard Works On His 'Call of Duty' Game By Streaming On Twitch (VIDEOS)

He's talking a big game while he's at it, too!

The NBA's season has been suspended for just about a week now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The timeline and conditions regarding the remainder of the season and its return are still unclear. What is clear though, players have been finding their own ways to spend their days in the meantime — and that includes the Miami Heat's, Meyers Leonard

We have seen how various athletes in Miami have been staying in shape while their respective leagues having been suspended and having to stay away from their usual training facilities and environments.

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Miami Heat Announce They'll Still Pay Team & Part-Time Employees Despite Season Suspension

A silver lining during trying times

On March 11th, the NBA announced that it would be suspending the season as a result of the Coronavirus, and multiple professional sports leagues followed suit. In the time since, many people have transitioned to working from home, while other jobs have been dropped or suspended indefinitely. Wednesday afternoon the Miami Heat released an official statement regarding the fate of the team and arena part-time employee's pay.

Just a week ago, the Miami Heat was beginning to regain its footing from a few health issues in its roster. Tyler Herro had just come back from an ankle injury and veteran Andre Iguodala was just beginning to incorporate himself with his new team. 

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