Tyler Herro's GF Katya Elise Henry Is Fighting Back Body Shamers After The Birth Of Their Son

"This is only the beginning, mama is coming in hot." 🤰

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Katya Elise Henry pregnant with her son. Right: Katya Elise Henry holding her son.

Katya Elise Henry pregnant with her son. Right: Katya Elise Henry holding her son.

Miami Heat star Tyler Herro and his girlfriend Katya Elise Henry welcomed their baby boy Harlem on January 12. The fitness model has since been posting her postpartum body transformation on Instagram and is clapping back at those who have criticized her.

Henry is the trainer and founder of WBK FIT, a health and wellness company that provides fitness training programs, apparel and healthy recipes. So, as she was pregnant with her son, she was always uploading her tips for a clean lifestyle.

She expressed body positivity on her Instagram page and always showed off her baby bump along with her nutritional dishes. Now, that she's postpartum, she's open with the world about her "body goals after baby #2."

The athlete's girlfriend started publishing bathing suit photos.

One fan wasn't having it, but Henry wasn't standing for the shaming comment.

"Why do you need to post naked to show your body or your baby," the person wrote, "never understand this, sorry."

To which she responded back, "you don't have to understand it, babe. It's not your life. Don't worry so much about what's posted, my body or my babies. We're all good here. Thank you though!"

Then she screenshotted the conversation and uploaded it to her story to show the world and make a stance.

"Just so we're on the same page here, folks. Firstly, this is only the beginning, mama is coming in hot," she added laughing face emojis. "So, if you're also very concerned with my life, my body, and what I show, buckle up! Because there's going to be a whole lot of showing off my body like I always have done."

Katya Elise Henry's story.Katya Elise Henry's story.@katyaelisehenry | Instagram

The new mom hasn't revealed Harlem's face, yet, but she has been showing off his first doctor's visit and photos in her story about what it's like to now be a mother of two.

She typically posts how grateful she is for her family and her sweet little addition.

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