Here's How Much Jalen Ramsey Will Make On The Dolphins & Why State Taxes Make A Difference

He saves so much money just by moving across the country. 💰

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Jalen Ramsey at a game. Right: Jalen Ramsey in a white sweater.

Jalen Ramsey at a game. Right: Jalen Ramsey in a white sweater.

NFL cornerback Jalen Ramsey just got traded to the Miami Dolphins from the LA Rams in the middle of a five-year contract signed with the West Coast team.

Now that he's on the East Coast, he's not only making more money based on experience, but he also saves more of his increased salary based on Florida's state taxes.

Ramsey announced the news on his Instagram page over the weekend, captioning the post: "Prayed for this specifically for about a month & now it’s happening!" He also tagged the Miami Dolphins' official account.

How much is Jalen Ramsey making a year?

According to Spotrac, he signed a $100 million deal with the California team with a guaranteed $71.2 million. Ramsey has a dead cap of $12.5 million, which means the team owes him that lump sum of money to fulfill the $71.2 million as agreed in his contract.

With $12.5 million guaranteed, his base salary for the Dolphins is $17 million.

TurboTax reported in November of 2022 that California has a 13.3% state income tax rate for those who make over one million dollars. If Ramsey was getting paid $17 million in California, he would need to pay $2,261,000 just in state income taxes.

Florida, however, does not have a state income tax, which means that sum stays in his pocket.

Ramsey is from Tennessee, but he is no stranger to Florida. He attended Florida State University and moved on to the Jacksonville Jaguars after graduation. After heading to the Rams, he is making his way back to familiar playing grounds.

He's expected to be with the Dolphins until 2025 when he'd be making a projected $19.5 million in yearly cash.

How many years does Jalen Ramsey have left on his contract?

Ramsey signed a five-year contract with the LA Rams back in 2019. He played from 2020-2022, so he has three years left on his contract.

The Dolphins agreed to guarantee two more seasons for Ramsey, ESPN confirmed.

What was Jalen Ramsey traded for?

Jalen Ramsey was traded for a 2023 third-round pick and Tight End, Hunter Long, according to ESPN.

The footballer is quite excited about the move, as he continues to publish about it on his Instagram and Twitter pages. The NFL tweeted that the Florida team "got themselves the best in the business."

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