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The Miami Dolphins came out with a victory — scoring 10-16 — against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night and it might be all thanks to Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's return.

He was off the field for the last few games due to a concussion he got from playing, and he's not only back he's also living up to the hefty dollar amount on his four-year contract with the NFL team, which he signed back in 2020.

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The Miami Dolphins star quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, was recently injured during one of the games and diagnosed with a concussion. He has been fairly secretive about his personal life, though this is one thing that is hard to keep behind closed doors.

It happened when his team and he played against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 29. Players on the team have spoken out about the incident and he's made a statement, but the fans haven't heard his family's thoughts, or even his wife's.

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The owner of the Miami Dolphins football team, Stephen Ross, is suspended until October 17 for violating the "integrity of the game," the NFL published on Tuesday. The league fined him $1.5 million but with a net worth like his, it won't even make a dent.

According to Forbes, Ross is worth $8.2 billion, and his riches span a wide variety of business interests. He has dabbled in developing real estate as well as philanthropy en route to amassing his mind-boggling financial muscle.

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Famous NFL football players just got humbled a little bit by the tough pronunciation of Coquitlam, B.C.

The city is actually the hometown of a Miami Dolphins player named Jevon Holland, and his teammates were challenged to try and pronounce it — and totally failed.

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Even in the realm of sports, one's actions may affect their career moving forward — unfortunately, that's happened for now ex Miami Dolphins running back, Mark Walton.

According to CBS Sports, General Manager Chris Grier of the Miami team released a statement on Twitter this morning announcing their decision to boot the player after light of a legal matter involving Walton was brought to their attention.

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