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Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott Lost His Mom And Brother & His Life Isn't Just About Football Now

The NFL star turned 2 tragic events into something empowering!

Desk Editor, Texas
Dak Prescott pointing at the sky. Right: Prescott kissing his mother, Peggy.

Dak Prescott pointing at the sky. Right: Prescott kissing his mother, Peggy.

Louisiana-born athlete Dak Prescott has been playing for the Dallas Cowboys since 2016. He recently made news headlines after sustaining an injury during the season-opening weekend that will keep him away from the field.

But Prescott is no stranger to hardship, on or off the field. Although he is mostly recognized for his career with the Texas team, many may not know that the Cowboys' quarterback lost his mother Peggy to colon cancer in 2013 and, more recently, his brother Jace in 2020, when he took his own life.

After his mom’s death, the NFL player established the Faith Fight Finish Foundation — a non-profit organization that is a tribute to Peggy, using the three words of encouragement she applied in her life.

“My mom was my hero and No.1 supporter and fan. It was tough just watching what cancer did to her and knowing that all I could do was support her, love her and be there to try to pick her up when she was down,” Prescott mentions on the NGO’s official site.

After Jace Prescott's death in 2020, the organization also began honoring his life. Jace was the middle Prescott brother and the main caregiver to their mom, according to a publication from The Dallas Morning News.

Faith Fight Finish has a mission of investing in the future of young individuals by empowering and teaching them to “find strength through adversity.”

Dak teams up with other NFL players to have conversations on important topics like mental health. The athlete also collaborates with different brands to create accessories or products that give back to charity when sold, he hosts Christmas parties for foster kids, among other activities.

“It’s a blessing to have this platform,” Dak shares on the NGO’s site. “To be at this stage, at this position in my life to be able to connect and interact with so many people, so many kids, and so many people with disadvantages. There are so many families that need help and just need loving and a smile. And I’ve accepted it. It’s a big responsibility, but I love it.”

Certainly, despite his injury, the NFL player has many goals to meet outside of the football field.

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