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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Ontario's New Stay-At-Home Order

We've answered your questions!
Ontario Stay-At-Home Order: Here Is Everything You Need To Know
Ontario Editor

Premier Doug Ford just announced that starting on January 14 at 12:01 a.m an Ontario stay-at-home order will be in effect. 

We've asked you on Instagram what you want to know about these newest guidelines and have compiled a list of answers below. 

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What Exactly Are We Allowed To Go Out For? 

As of Thursday, all Ontarians will have to stay home unless they are leaving for essential purposes. 

This means that you will only be able to leave your home for trips to the grocery store, pharmacy and receiving health care services. 

You are also able to venture out for essential work and exercise. 

Can I Go Out To Exercise?  

While residents are being encouraged to stay home whenever possible, you are still allowed to leave your home for exercise.

Parks, cycling tracks, ice rinks, baseball diamonds, tobogganing hills and more are still permitted to stay open at this time.  

However, the government states that all social distancing measures should be followed when out and about, including keeping six feet apart. 

Does It Apply To All Of Ontario?

Yes. Ontario has issued both a state of emergency and a stay-at-home order which will be in effect across the province. 

However, some rules differ depending on what region you are in. 

For example, schools in Windsor, Peel, Toronto, York, and Hamilton's public health regions will remain closed for in-person learning until February 10. 

However, schools in some of the northern parts of the province are now able to open. 

Will Stores Hours Get Reduced? 

Stores that are considered non-essential will be forced to limit their hours under this new order. 

Shops, including hardware stores, alcohol retailers, and spots doing curbside pickup or delivery, can only be open between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

Yet grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and restaurants that are doing delivery, will not have to follow these new hours. 

Are Daycares Open? 

Daycares will still remain open throughout the province.

According to a government release, both licensed centres and home-based locations will be able to care for non-school aged children.

Emergency child care for school-age children of frontline workers will also remain open until school resumes.

Can Employees Go To The Office? 

Under these new orders, the Ontario government is asking any employee who can work from home to do so.

However, according to the government, this does include some exceptions, including if "the nature of their work requires them to be on-site at the workplace."

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