Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Has Officially Been Extended Until June

Ford wants to have a "normal" July and August.

Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Has Officially Been Extended Until June
Ontario Editor

Doug Ford has just announced that Ontario's stay-at-home order has officially been extended into next month.

In a press conference on Thursday, the premier revealed that the order, which was expected to come to an end on May 20, has been extended for another two weeks.

This means that residents can expect to be under the same restrictions until at least June 2.

"We need to maintain the stay-at-home order and all public health measures until at least June the 2nd. These are precious weeks we won't put to waste," said Ford.

The decision comes as COVID-19 cases start to drop and vaccination across the province increases. However, multiple hospitals have announced that they are still struggling with capacity.

Doug Ford is hoping for a normal summer

While the stay-at-home order will continue to keep businesses and gatherings shuttered until at least June, Ford says there is hope that things will soon start to return to normal.

In fact, the premier has hope that some restrictions could start to be lifted in time for July and August.

"My goal is to have the most normal July and August possible," he states. "Obviously, that won't mean large sporting events or concerts."

"But, if we manage the next few weeks properly, I believe that we can have things in a very good place this summer."

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor