Here's How Ontario's Current Stay-At-Home Order Is Different Than The Last One

Same same, but a little bit different.
Here's How Ontario's Current Stay-At-Home Order Is Different Than The Last One

It looks like some of Ontario's stay-at-home order rules have been modified this time around, but the core message remains the same — leave home for essential trips only. 

These essential trips could include getting outside for exercise, accessing medical care, or shopping for necessities. 

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To stop people from leisure shopping like they're at Yorkdale, Ontario has once again shut down retail stores, but this time, they're also banning big box stores from selling non-essential goods

Also unlike the previous stay-at-home order, schools and child care services will remain open in the province.

However, school districts in hot spot areas like Toronto and Peel Region are moving to virtual learning for at least two weeks. 

Religious services, weddings, and funerals will still be permitted with a 15% capacity for indoor services, and outdoor services can accommodate any number of people if physical distancing can be safely maintained. 

Golf courses will be staying open during the stay-at-home order, with certain restrictions in place.

Essential reasons you can leave home 

There are a number of essential trips you can take during the stay-at-home order, and the province has named 29 of them in a document obtained by Narcity.

The categories include attending work or school, accessing child care, obtaining essential goods and services, assisting others in need, and more.

The document also says you can leave home for various health, safety, and legal purposes, to move or travel between residences, to travel outside of the province, to care for an animal, or to attend a ceremony or religious service. 

You can also leave home to exercise or to use an outdoor recreational facility that's permitted to be open.

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