29 Essential Reasons You Can Leave Your House During The Stay-At-Home Order

According to the provincial government.
Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Lets You Leave Your House For 29 Reasons
Ontario Editor

On Thursday, the entire province entered Ontario's stay-at-home order.

While residents are being asked to not leave their homes, there are some essential reasons to venture outside.

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The Ontario government released a list, which includes school, work and groceries as just some essential activities.

Here is the full list of 29 reasons you can leave your home:

  1. Working or volunteering for something that cannot be done at home.
  2. Attending school.
  3. Attending or providing child care.
  4. Going to or providing educational training or services.
  5. Getting food, beverages or personal care items.
  6. Accessing services or items that are needed for your health, such as medication and vaccines.
  7. Getting products or performing activities for landscaping and gardening, as well as the maintenance of your home.
  8. Picking up items through curbside pickup, or other alternative methods.
  9. Attending an appointment in a store that is still allowed to be open for in-person service.
  10. Going to a financial institution.
  11. Receiving government services, social services, mental health support or addiction support services.
  12. Delivering items or providing care for people who need assistance.
  13. Dropping off a child at the parent or guardian's home.
  14. Dropping off a member of your household at any spot that is permitted to open under this order.
  15. Leaving your home to avoid a risk to your health, such as domestic violence or seeking emergency assistance.
  16. Exercising, such as walking or running.
  17. Attending a location as required by law.
  18. Exercising an Aboriginal or treaty right.
  19. Travelling to another home if you plan to reside there for 14 days, or stay for less than 24 hours for any other reasons that are listed in the stay-at-home order.
  20. Travelling between the homes of multiple parents and caregivers, if you are under their care.
  21. Moving homes.
  22. Making plans for purchasing or selling a residence, or renting.
  23. Travelling to an airport or bus station.
  24. Attending weddings, funerals or religious services.
  25. Gathering with a single household if you live alone.
  26. Seeking services for the health and safety of your pet.
  27. Getting animal food and supplies.
  28. Protecting an animal's safety, such as protecting a pet from suffering abuse.
  29. Taking your pet for a walk.

The stay-at-home order is expected to last for at least four weeks, according to Doug Ford.

What stores are you allowed to shop in? 

Under the stay-at-home order, there are still some spots that will remain open for in-person shopping.

Grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open. Big box stores are also permitted to allow in-person shopping, but they will only sell essential items such as groceries, personal care items and cleaning supplies.

Some other retail spots, such as optical stores and car dealerships, will also remain open but by appointment only.

Malls and other non-essential retail stores will not be opening their doors, but can still offer curbside pickup and delivery.

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor