Doug Ford Is Reportedly Considering Extending Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Until June

The order is currently set to end on May 20.

Doug Ford Is Reportedly Considering Extending Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Until June

Ontario is just over a week away from the predicted end of its stay-at-home order, but according to the latest reports, residents shouldn't get their hopes up.

Premier Doug Ford is reportedly considering extending restrictions until at least June 2. According to 680 News, members of the government could be meeting sometime on Monday to discuss these extensions.

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The decision comes as COVID-19 cases numbers continue to drop and vaccine rollouts pick up across Ontario. However, hospitals are still struggling with capacity.

"We're still at a point where the trajectory is on a downward slope, but it's still taking a while for the numbers to come down," Dr. Thomas Tenkate, an associate professor at the Ryerson School of Occupational and Public Health, told 680 News.

"I think we are still looking at June through July before we start to ease off," he added.

When is Ontario's stay-at-home order currently set to end?

As of Monday morning, Ontario's stay-at-home order is set to end on May 20. However, it has been extended before.

When Ford originally announced restrictions, they were only supposed to last four weeks. Yet, on April 16, the stay-at-home order was extended another two weeks and even tighter restrictions were announced.

Now, if the Ford government extends orders until June 2, this would mean residents would be in lockdown for a total of eight weeks.

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