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Siakam Gave His Mom The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift & Her Reaction Was Priceless (VIDEO)

Pascal just set the bar way too high.

Siakam Gave His Mom The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift & Her Reaction Was Priceless (VIDEO)

Toronto Raptor Pascal Siakam didn't hold out when choosing a gift this Mother's Day.

The basketball player surprised his mom with a new house on Sunday, thanking her for being the "super mom" that she is.

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"I know it's been crazy with dad passing away. You don't have a house. You don't have a family home. [...] So, this is our house," says Siakam in a video of the surprise shared by the Raptors.

Victoire Siakam was definitely surprised — she can be seen joyfully screaming and wandering around the house in shock.

This isn't the first time Siakam has shouted out his mom, either. In 2019, the Raptor thanked her for being his "superwoman" while accepting his Most Improved Player title at the NBA Awards.

Toronto icons celebrate the moms in their lives on Mother's Day

Siakam wasn't the only Toronto celeb to show his mom some love on Sunday.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. rocked colourful cleats with "Hi mom" and "I love you" emblazoned on them as a special Mother's Day shoutout.

Drake also shouted out his mom and Sophie Brussaux, the mother of their three-year-old son Adonis, with a sweet message on his Instagram Story.

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