8 Messages From Famous Canadians On Mother's Day That'll Warm Your Heart

So much love. 🥺💖

A young Justin Bieber with his mom. Right: Ryan Reynolds with his mom.

A young Justin Bieber with his mom. Right: Ryan Reynolds with his mom.

Mother's Day 2022 is here and Canadians are showing some serious love for the wonderful people in their lives.

Sunday, May 8, is always a wonderful time of the year to take a few seconds to let your mom, or a mother-figure in your life, know how important they are to you. And, some celebs even take the time to shout out the special people in their life on social media.

From funny to heartwarming, here are what Canadian celebrities are saying about Mother's Day!

Bianca Andreescu

In a statement to Narcity Canada, iconic athlete Bianca Andreescu shared what her mom means to her.

"She has given me the world. She has shown me what unconditional love is. She has shown me what hard work and having faith can get you. She has shown me what true physical, spiritual, mental and emotional strength is," she said.

"But most importantly she gave me the chance to be who I am. If I can become even half of who she is, I will be happy. I love you mom."

Justin Bieber

The Biebs posted a sweet throwback photo features two of his favourite things: his mother and hockey.

"Happy Mother’s Day mom, we’re gonna bring back lord Stanley’s Cup to Toronto this year and it will be beautiful," he wrote on

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh posted about his wife, Gurkiran Kaur, on her first Mother's day with their little girl.

"Gurkiran means ray of light from the universal energy and I can’t think of a more fitting name for Gurkiran Kaur," he said.

"She lights up the room with her presence and lifts the mood of everyone around her (especially our daughter Anhad, which means limitless)."

"Gurkiran you are an incredible mother, a ray of light from the universe to nurture our limitless daughter with all the love and support she will ever need."

Sandra Oh

In honour of the big day, Jimmy Kimmel asked celebrities to read "some of the most delightful texts they’ve received from the women who brought them into this world" and Sandra Oh shared the most "mom" message ever.

"Hi Sandy. I was rearranging the Valentine flowers today thinking you always send me so many flowers," her mom wrote to her. "The florist must shove so many different flowers in a limited size vase."

"I am happy at receiving just few flowers with your love Sandy. Next time when you want to send me flowers please half size."

Justin Trudeau

The prime minister took to Insta to share some sweet words for both Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau.

"To all the moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day! And to my own mom, and to my incredible wife: Our family wouldn’t be the same without all of the love and laughter you bring to it. We love you so much."

Celine Dion

Celine Dion shared a message about the ongoing situation in Ukraine on her Instagram.

"This Mother’s Day, I feel very fortunate to be able to be with my children, and I think about mothers in Ukraine and around the world who have lost their children… and for those mothers who constantly worry about how to keep their children safe... and for those mothers who devote every ounce of their energy just to provide their children with the bare necessities of life.

"These mothers truly are the courageous ones, and I dedicate this Mother’s Day to all of them. We pray that they will find peace and comfort for their families. ❤- Celine xx…"


Drake took the opportunity to post a pic of his mom Sandi to his 'gram while also plugging his candle company Better World Fragrance House.

Maybe she's a big fan of the scents?

Ryan Reynolds

And Ryan Reynolds also plugged his Aviation Gin company while making a cocktail called Mother’s Ruin Punch.

His mom, Tammy, helped him to make the delicious looking drink and also had a few nagging comments for her son, as one does.

"We can fix your performance in post, sweetheart," she said of his attempt at the video.

Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.