Dan Levy Got Roasted By His Mom On Mother's Day & It's So Moira Rose

His on-screen mom and real mom seem pretty similar!

Dan Levy Got Roasted By His Mom On Mother's Day & It's So Moira Rose
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Ouch, David! Dan Levy's mom had the best response ever when her son wished her a happy Mother's Day… and it might just remind you of someone else.

When Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy took to Twitter to share well wishes with his mom on May 9, he joked that he was honouring her by "finding a pic that doesn't have @sarahlevy_ in it."

Although he took the opportunity to take a hilarious dig at his sister, who stars alongside Dan and their father in Schitt's Creek, it was their mom who scored the last laugh.

Responding to Dan on Twitter, mom Deborah Divine channelled her inner Moira Rose and wrote, "And you are?"

Some of Moira Rose's best mom moments in the show include the famous line, "If airplane safety videos have taught me anything, David, it's that a mother puts her own mask on first."

While Deborah clearly isn't afraid to roast her son on social media, she's spoken in the past about how proud she is of his success, in particular sharing just seven powerful words with the kids that used to bully him.

Helena Hanson
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