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Dan Levy Is Back In Canada & Shows Off His Tim Hortons Order (PHOTO)

Even celebs go for a Timmies run!
Dan Levy Is Back In Canada & Shows Off His Tim Hortons Order (PHOTO)

He's home! It seems like Canadian celebrities never stray too far from their homeland and if anything, they might just come back to score some Tim Hortons treats. That also goes for Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy who recently shared that he's back in Canada with a frosty drink in hand. 

The Toronto-born actor announced his arrival this week, writing on Instagram stories that it "feels good to be home" with a Canadian flag emoji. 

In the photo, he holds a nearly finished Iced Capp from Tim Hortons, which might just make lactose-intolerant folks quake with jealousy. 

You can also see a sandwich or bagel of some sort sitting on the dashboard in the famous Tim Hortons wrapping. 

Levy splits his time between Toronto and Los Angeles, with his adorable pup Redmond by his side. 

It seems like he spent most of his time hanging out in his L.A. house when he spilled details during a virtual interview about a special Easter egg that's woven into the plot of Schitt's Creek. 

During the show's six seasons, the 36-year-old — along with the cast and crew — filmed in various Ontario cities including Goodwood, Orangeville, and Unionville.

In fact, you can actually take a virtual tour of hotspots in the CBC series including the Rosebud Motel, Café Tropical, Rose Apothecary, and the Blouse Barn.

[rebelmouse-image 25990658 photo_credit="instadanjlevy | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="661x1319"] instadanjlevy | Instagram

The CBC sitcom recently got nominated for a whopping 15 Emmys, including three for Levy in the categories Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series, Directing For A Comedy Series, and Writing For A Comedy Series. 

All three of Levy's co-stars earned themselves nominations including Lead Actress In A Comedy Series for Catherine O'Hara and Lead Actor In A Comedy Series for Eugene Levy.

His on-screen sister Annie Murphy scored a nom for Supporting Actress In A Comedy.

The former MTV Live host also shared with Entertainment Weekly that he's looking forward to having a backyard viewing party for the Emmys at his parents' Canadian home.

"It'll be an intimate affair, one that I think will have a lot of heart, and the proper amount of Canadian humility," Levy told EW.

He added that when his current quarantine is up, he'll "be going into town to pick up some butter tarts, which are a Canadian delicacy."

Schitt's Creek recently said goodbye after six seasons on TV but all is not lost for superfans because we could one day get a movie starring the Rose family. 

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