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Dan Levy Recalls The Easter Egg That’s Woven Into ‘Schitt’s Creek’ (VIDEO)

It has a little something to do with the town's iconic sign...

Ew, David! Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy remembered his time on the CBC series by dishing out some juicy secrets about the cast and characters. He even shared that a very special Easter egg made it all the way from the first to last season.

The 36-year-old actor and screenwriter had a virtual interview for Hot Ones on First We Feast's YouTube channel.

While speaking with host Sean Evans, Levy was asked about any special Easter eggs that he's woven into the plot of the six-season-long comedy series. 

"We had this running gag of our town sign where the joke was, you know, the couple on the town sign looked like they're having sex," the actor behind David Rose explained. "In actuality, it's just a sister bending over to get some water and the brother behind her but the illusion is something sexual."

He added, "Originally in season one, there was a sign that had to be put up on top of the sign to clarify don't worry it's his sister. By the last season, we did a little play on the confusion of brother, sister, husband, and wife that I thought was a fun little callback."

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Evans also asked the Toronto-born star if he has any specific vocabulary words he's learned while writing for Catherine O'Hara's very unique character, Moira Rose. 

A laughing Levy replied, "I want to say that my vocabulary actually expanded through this process. It did not. Her calling me a 'disgruntled pelican' was a fun little descriptive that made it into the show that I was quite proud of."

Levy also shared that the iconic wardrobe the cast members wore in the show required a lot of consignment shopping due to their low budget. 

"It was really important for me to authenticate the characters in the show by actually having them wear clothes the people who pay attention to fashion might be interested in."

He admitted that they actually had to work to create a relationship between the humour and the wardrobe of the show's characters. 

Schitt's Creek recently said goodbye in its series finale episode that premiered in April.

Levy shared that the sixth season is expected to drop on Netflix in October. 

Check out Levy's 26-minute-long interview below.

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