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'Once An Oiler, Always An Oiler' Canadians Mourn Famous Locker Room Attendant Joey Moss

Connor MdDavid's message will have you in tears. 😭

On Monday, October 26, news broke that Edmonton's beloved Joey Moss had passed away. 

The longtime Oilers locker room attendant was 57 and was beloved to athletes and sports fans across Canada. 

Everyone from the Edmonton Oilers and the EE Football Team to Jason Kenney and Connor McDavid has shared messages of love for Joey Moss following the harrowing news.  

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McDavid's message read "With the greatest of all-time... and #99. Oil Country sure won’t be the same without you, Joey. Thanks for always brightening up any day and may you rest easy my friend." Any Gretsky fan will get that joke. 

The Oilers issued a heartfelt news release. "Joey's legacy is not only in the locker room but throughout all of Oil Country. He will be forever remembered for the amazing impact he has made on so many people along the way. We will miss you Mosser - a true champion," said Edmonton Oilers Head Equipment Manager, Jeff Lang

Alberta's Premiere, Jason Kenney, said "Joey was a true giant. An inspiration to so many, a source of joy for an entire city, and unquestionably Edmonton's biggest fan" in a tweet

"The City of Edmonton awarded Joey the Mayor's Award in 2007, in recognition of the Oilers organization's commitment to persons with disabilities," read the news release. 

"He will be dearly missed. Once an Oiler, always an Oiler. Our friend, Joey Moss."