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There's not one, but two Capricorn's in the Te'o family now.

NFL's Manti Te'o and his wife Jovi Nicole Engbino welcomed their son on January 16, just two days after Engbino celebrated her special day turning 35 years old on January 14.

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Football Linebacker Manti Te'o had a unique NFL career following his rise to fame at Notre Dame. In fact, he racked up a hefty net worth, but Netflix's documentary about his involvement in a catfish scandal never mentioned what he made.

The situation deeply affected the player's career when getting chosen for the League, though his talents superseded him. Although the streaming service only focused on the athlete's relationships and its impact on the field, he did pretty well for himself.

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A few months have passed since NY Jets' Quarterback, Zach Wilson, and his ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, had a viral breakup and she accused him of sleeping with his mom's best friend.

Since then, the couple has seemingly moved on. Gile has been spotted cuddling up to Wilson's ex-roommate and fellow NFL player, Dax Milne, and Wilson has been out and about with a new woman.

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NFL free agent and widely known Notre Dame linebacker, Manti Te'o, released a documentary about a major catfishing scandal he was a part of in 2012. The athlete's now wife, Jovi Nicole Engbino, stands by his side as he relives these memories.

The Netflix original is called Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist. It tells a complex story about an online relationship the athlete was involved in, which turned out to not only be a scam but a huge media frenzy during a really dark time in Te'o's personal life.

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Abbey Gile, the former high school sweetheart of NY Jets' quarterback Zach Wilson, deleted her official Instagram account following the controversy surrounding her and her ex-boyfriend.

The couple made headlines after Wilson's former best friend and college roommate Dax Milne posted a photo of the pair embracing on the beach on July 9.

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