Manti Te'o Welcomed His Second Child & His Wife Jovi Nicole Engbino Just Started Her Career

She gave birth just days after her birthday. 🎂

Jovi Nicole Engbino and Manti Te'o in the hospital. Right: Jovie Nicole Engbino.
Florida Associate Editor

Jovi Nicole Engbino and Manti Te'o in the hospital. Right: Jovie Nicole Engbino.

There's not one, but two Capricorn's in the Te'o family now.

NFL's Manti Te'o and his wife Jovi Nicole Engbino welcomed their son on January 16, just two days after Engbino celebrated her special day turning 35 years old on January 14.

The couple publicly announced their pregnancy back in August, just after the former athlete released his Netflix documentary, Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist. The film discussed the details behind a major catfishing scandal Te'o fell victim to and how it nearly ruined his sports career.

Now they have a one-year-old daughter, Hiromi Te'o, who is a big sister to Kyro Te'o.

Since the Netflix documentary was released, both of their lives changed dramatically.

Engbino has since graduated from nursing school at Joyce University of Nursing and Health Sciences in Draper, Utah and is just at the beginning of her career.

She joined Luxx Medical Spa & Wellness as a Cosmetic Injector on January 4 and captioned her announcement IG post: "I have worked super hard to get through nursing school and train in the Aesthetic field, and I look forward to making women (and men!) feel more confident and enhance their natural beauty!"

Te'o has also been turning his career around and has been doing many appearances in the sports world. After the documentary aired, he addressed the Irish Nation Victory March for his alma mater Notre Dame in September 2022.

The ex-player also did some public speaking events during his time there. He covered the NBC Sports broadcast for the Notre Dame Shamrock Series game.

At the end of last year, he was pictured being interviewed by Steve Wyche, NFL's Network Senior Chief Reporter.

Now, Te'o has been focused on fatherhood in this new year. Engbino, of course, has been focused on motherhood, but she has a new job waiting for her when she returns from maternity leave.

The couple has a bright future ahead of them full of opportunities.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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