A Podcaster Lists The Best Swingers Resorts Around The World & There's One In Florida

It's one of the only ones she named in the U.S.

A swinger podcaster listing different resorts. Right: A couple at the Florida swingers resort.
Florida Associate Editor

A swinger podcaster listing different resorts. Right: A couple at the Florida swingers resort.

A swingers podcaster is viral for opening up about all things that involve the lifestyle, and she recently went on TikTok and listed the top swingers resorts around the world. When it came to the U.S., one Florida city was mentioned.

The creator, Cate ( @wanderlustswingers ), published the video on December 22 and it's received 239.1K views. She says many of the resorts are in the Caribbean, however, one popular American spot is in the Tampa, Florida area.

It's called Caliente Club & Resorts . Cate says that many retreats in America are smaller and represent the lifestyle, but aren't necessarily full-time like the ones overseas.


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Not only does Cate recommend the Tampa stay, but it even received four stars on TripAdvisor .

"It’s best appreciated by those who are mature and open-minded [and] who enjoy the natural freedom it imparts in a tropical paradise setting. Some remain fully clothed, some with less or none," one customer named Brenda reviewed after her fourth visit there in August 2022.

Another person named Christopher wrote that he went for the first time with his wife in May 2022 and will definitely be going back to the location.

While you're there, you can go to the bars, head to a spa, dip in the pool and even spend your night at the nightclub.

On Cate's TikTok page, one user commented that there's also a place called Secrets in Kissimmee, FL, though the podcaster doesn't recommend that one.

Most of her suggestions were in Mexico, Jamaica and the South of France.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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