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This Florida Tour Takes You Through A Costa Rican-Like Jungle In A Clear Kayak

Paddle down a tropical oasis.🛶

You don't have to book a trip down to Costa Rica to experience an enchanting kayaking cruise through a jungle river. A clear kayaking cruise near Tampa will offer you and your crew the opportunity to sail down a tropical river oasis that'll make you feel like you've taken a first-class trip to South America.

For just $55 per person, Get Up And Go Kayaking will take you on a kayaking journey down Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River.

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8 Super Fun Things To Do Near Tampa To Make The Most Of Labor Day Weekend

The long weekend is a perfect excuse to escape to the springs, get glittery coffees with your BFFs, and explore lush green oases ✨🌿

Labor Day is upon us, which means some may be lucky enough to be blessed with a long weekend. Why not take advantage of that extra time off with a fun trip? If you're bored of your usual spots and need things to do for Labor Day Weekend near Tampa, let this list inspire you to get out and explore.

Whether you go it alone or grab your boo and BFFs to take a fun trip together, these eight Florida escapes will have you soaking up every precious moment of your holiday weekend.

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You Can Find The Cutest Little Plant Paradise Behind This Pink Door In Tampa

Who wouldn't want to spend their life living in a planter's paradise? 🌵🌿

Plants - the perfect addition to add a little touch of green and joy to any space. Whether you like the big leafy kind or the small and pokey kind, there's a unique charm that comes from these potted pals. And if you've been looking for a new cute plant shop in Tampa, Fancy Free Nursery might just have you covered.

Located on North Florida Ave just up the way from Tampa's food hall, The Hall on Franklin, Fancy Free's white brick building hangs out on the corner — though it's the pink door and trim that might grab your attention and entice you to check it out.

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You Can Cruise Through St. Pete On These Cute New Mini Coupes & EBikes

Cruisin' down the street in my mini coupe 🚗💨

Ahh, The Sunshine State — an absolute paradise with so much to do and discover, especially in and around the bustling cities of Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and St. Petersburg. Instead of trekking by foot around historic neighborhoods, there's a new way to explore all the things to do in St. Pete. By way of electric bike and electric mini car rentals, this budding business will have you cruising through the city.

New to the city of St. Petersburg, Scoot Scoot Rentals has two options for visitors to check out downtown. Narcity got in touch with co-owner and wife, Maria Brown, to learn a bit more about what they have in store.

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This Florida Haunted House Attraction Just Dropped A Teaser For Their 2020 Scare House

It's going to be totally scream-worthy!😲

There may still be a few weeks of summer left, but thrill-seekers, ghost hunters, and Halloween-lovers are already gearing up for their favorite season. If you’ve already started counting down the days to October 31 and are looking for new ways to celebrate Halloween, a new, totally scream-worthy attraction is coming your way. One of Florida's biggest haunted attractions, Scream-a-Geddon, just dropped a teaser for their new haunted house, Ravenhill Asylum.

Of its various attractions, Scream-A-Geddon’s newest addition to its spooky scenes is Ravenhill Asylum. Set in an abandoned institute where deranged patients still roam the halls, you can see more in their new video.

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This Florida Kayak Tour Will Take You Through A Hidden Jungle River Under The Stars

You'll see constellations and even Mars!🛶🌌

There are plenty of places in The Sunshine State you can explore by kayak. Kayaking at night, however, is a whole different kind of adventure. This Florida nighttime kayak tour with Nature Coast Eco Tours will take you through a hidden jungle river under the stars.

The Sunset & Mars Kayak Tour will take kayakers down the Chassahowitzka River at sunset. The Chassahowitzka is a lush Florida river that will have you feeling as though you're in the middle of a river jungle.

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