This Florida TikToker Hosts 'Hot Girl Walks' To Meet Friends Because Adulting Is So Hard

Get your workout fits ready, we're going for a walk! 🚶

Florida Associate Editor
Two women going to the 'Hot Girl Walk.' Right: The amount of women who showed up to one of the 'Hot Girl Walks.'

Two women going to the 'Hot Girl Walk.' Right: The amount of women who showed up to one of the 'Hot Girl Walks.'

Adulting is hard, especially when it comes to meeting new people, but this TikToker in Miami, Florida, used the power of social media to bring strangers together on what she coined as "Hot Girl Walks."

Whether you moved to the Sunshine State or you work from home, Gabriela Ayala is the woman with the plan and she used her TikTok platform to network with like-minded women and simply just walk around Brickell Key Park.

"I started this because I wanted to make more girl friends in Miami! Being from here I knew how hard it is to meet friends," she wrote Narcity, "so I posted on TikTok about having minimal girl friends here and then the girls on TikTok suggested I hosted a meetup and so I did!"

Just like that, the group continuously grew larger every Saturday.

After they exercise and enjoy the scenery by the water and the Magic City sky rises, they get a bite to eat, something to drink and mingle under the park tent at the wooden tables.

Now, the creator uses her platform to inform people when to go and how it went. She also debunks fears of those who are worried about going alone.

"It's been so wonderful to now have a community of women who wanted to be friends and support each other!! And I think it's been a lot of fun so other girlies make new friends and enjoy the hot girl walks," she wrote to Narcity.


Reply to @emmsvazq see you there!🌴💕☀️ follow: @magabrielaac #miami #hgw #hotgirlwalk #brickell

The group-claimed "hot girls" also enjoy posting their time meeting people and turning what seems to be a common vulnerability into a powerful gathering for others to meet people who otherwise would not have crossed paths.

Ayala and her new social organization now have routine plans every weekend and prove that, though adulting might be difficult, there's a community of people out there that could be in the same boat as you!

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
Jenna Kelley is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
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