A Movie Theatre Worker In BC Shared 3 Simple Things You Can Do To Save Money At The Cinema

Pro tips for all the Canadian movie-goers out there!

Movie theatre worker on TikTok. Right: Popcorn.

Movie theatre worker on TikTok. Right: Popcorn.

This TikToker and movie theatre employee in B.C. told Narcity the biggest hacks to save money at the movies, and they're all surprisingly simple to do.

If you're tired of paying a wild amount just to go see the new Marvel movie, then these pro tips will serve you well.

Dylan Kruyt, @dylankruyt on Instagram and @dajk99 on TikTok, said that he has worked at a couple of movie theatres, so you know he has all the insider tips and tricks.

On his TikTok, he shares hilarious stories about the behind-the-scenes of movie theatre work, and honestly, it looks pretty fun (aside from finding people's sex toys in the theatre while cleaning).


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Dylan told Narcity all about the kinds of customers and frustrations that theatre employees encounter, plus how to save some money while still catching all your fav celebs on the big screen.

There's such a thing as a theatre subscription, and it's worth it

"Most major movie theatre chains, especially in Canada, have essentially what can be called 'subscription services' where you pay a monthly fee, and in return, you get a free movie each month and discounted tickets and concessions," Dylan said.

He added that Cineplex has Cineclub and Landmark Cinemas has Landmark Extras, so Canadian movie lovers can sign up and save some cash.

Apparently, some American chains have their own too.

"I wouldn't recommend these if you only see 1-2 movies each year, but if you're someone who goes to the movies every month, it is wayyyy cheaper," Dylan added.

Pick the right day to go

Everyone loves a Sunday movie day, but if treat yourself to a Tuesday showing you can pay half the price at some spots.

"Pretty much every single movie theatre has discounted Tuesday pricing, so you can get tickets for half-priced," Dylan said.

It's not just the tickets either.

"Some theatres even offer discounted concessions, so you can get a ticket, pop, and popcorn for half the usual price," he added.

Know your popcorn prices

It turns out you have a very good excuse to opt for the large popcorn instead of the small one!

"If you're sharing popcorn with your friends, don't buy two small bags, get one large bag. The larges are usually only marginally more expensive than the smalls (that's how they upsell you to a large) and are twice as big," he said.

"Buying two small popcorns instead of one large means you're paying nearly twice as much for the same amount of popcorn."

So get your friends together and get ready for a movie night, on the cheap!

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.