3 Things A Movie Theatre Worker In BC Would Never Do At A Cinema & Avoid This At All Costs

The kind of butter you get on your popcorn really does matter!

Movie theatre worker on TikTok. Right: A movie theatre.

Movie theatre worker on TikTok. Right: A movie theatre.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

This TikToker and movie theatre employee in B.C. told Narcity all of his insider tips and the things he would never do at the cinema after working at one for years, and some are super surprising.

Dylan Kruyt, @dylankruyt on Instagram and @dajk99 on TikTok, has worked at a couple of different theatres over the years, so you know that he has seen some pretty shocking things behind the scenes — including some sex toys people forgot in the theatre.

The things he would never do as a movie-goer actually don't include forgetting personal items (or bringing them in the first place?), but maybe because that should just go without saying.


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Dylan uses his cinema venue knowledge to know what's worth dropping some money on, what to order, and when to go to the movies.

Here's what he straight-up would never do at the theatre.

Eat the fake butter

Apparently, the fake butter for your popcorn is not it. Dylan said that he always opts for the real butter, even if it is an extra buck or so.

"Most movie theatres have the option to pay an extra dollar for real butter on your popcorn or use the free self-serve alternative," he said.

"Trust me, just pay the extra dollar for the real stuff. I've had both more times than you can count, and that extra dollar makes all the difference in the world."

Go to a kid's movie during the matinee

Not up for screaming kids during a movie, but still love a good cartoon? Avoid the matinee at all costs.

"Unless you're a family with kids, never go see a kid's movie during a matinee. That is when parents will take their screaming toddlers," Dylan said.

"So if you're trying to enjoy The Incredibles 2 because you grew up with the first one, that's going to be impossible during a Saturday matinee," he added.

Watch a movie in 3D

This one is super surprising, but Dylan is an expert movie-goer and avoids seeing films in 3D.

Although he says this is a personal choice, he actually never ever watches movies in 3D anymore.

"I've seen hundreds of movies while working there, and not only is the 3D more expensive, but wearing the glasses makes the movie darker because you have the extra lenses over your eyes. I always, always, go for the 2D options."

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Morgan Leet
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