6 Things A Movie Theatre Employee Says Customers Should Stop Doing ASAP

Movie-goers, listen up!

Move theatre.

Move theatre.

This movie theatre worker in B.C. shares everything from the wildest behind-the-scenes stories to helpful tips and reviews, on his TikTok account.

He told Narcity the most annoying things that customers do at the movies that they should stop doing right now, because staff are over it. While some of them are actually pretty common (and you're likely guilty of doing), others are downright wild.

Dylan Kruyt, @dylankruyt on Instagram and @dajk99 on TikTok, has worked at the movies for years, so has seen it all.


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The next time you're hitting up the cinema for Tuesday's cheap night, just make sure to avoid doing any of these!

Answering the phone in the middle of a movie

One simple step is required people: Turn your phone on do not disturb.

Or, at the very least, put it on quiet and take it outside if you get a call!

Dylan said that "this is annoying not just for the staff, but for everyone watching the movie too."

Showing up seconds before the movie starts

This one is tough because most people have done this one too many times. Dylan said that around 95% of movie-goers will turn up one minute before a movie, in a mad rush to get all of their snacks and tickets.

"They then proceed to complain that there's a line, and often ask to/try to jump the line because 'their movie is starting,'" he said.

"That's actually one of the benefits of having the trailers run 10-15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the movie because nobody shows up early enough for their movie."

So next time you're complaining about the long previews — know it's for you're own good!

Thinking every movie is like Marvel

Everyone loves the post-credit scenes that come with a Marvel movie viewing. It's usually worth standing around awkwardly in the theatre with the bright lights on, waiting to see that extra 30 seconds of Chris Hemsworth.

Dylan said that some customers will complain about the post-credit scenes not being there though.

"People are so accustomed to Marvel movies and their post-credit scenes, that they have gotten upset before when they aren't told that OTHER movies don't have these after-credit scenes."

Taking a baby to a horror movie

You would think that this is common sense not to do, but apparently not.

"This one is pretty self-explanatory, just don't do this," Dylan said.

"I remember a couple brought their infant to one of the Quiet Place movies, and it wouldn't stop crying. We had to go in multiple times and tell them to take their baby outside until it stopped crying, but as soon as they returned to the theatre, it started crying again."

Taking viral trends too far

"I hate to say it because I love viral trends involving movies, but the #GentleMinions trend this past summer got very annoying for movie theatre staff," Dylan said.

Apparently, kids took the movie as a chance to go completely wild in the theatre.

"It was fun at first, kids showing up to the movies excited, taking pictures, etc. But it quickly turned into 'how much damage can we cause while watching Minions 2,'" he added.

People were "squishing their bananas all over the floor, screaming in the theatre, and essentially 'partying' throughout the entire show, while other people and families were trying to watch the movie."

Getting mad about the prices

This seems to be a common sentiment across customer service workers.

"I get it, the popcorn and sodas are expensive. But too many people seem to want to take it out on the high schoolers behind the counter selling them their concessions," Dylan said.

Reminder everyone: Employees don't usually decide the prices.

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Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.