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This TikTok Proves We've All Been Cooking Kraft Dinner Wrong & Missing Out On Cheesy Bliss

We're sure no Canadians find this controversial. 🧀

New Kraft Dinner Recipe On TikTok Is Cheesy Bliss To The Max

There's no question that cooking and eating Kraft Dinner is pretty integral to the Canadian identity, but a new TikTok suggests we've been cooking it all wrong this whole time.

Rather than follow the on-the-box cooking suggestions — so passé — TikTok user Nikki Gillespie has a gourmet version that blows all other KD recipes out of the (pasta) water.

Starting with covering two boxes of pasta with water in a frying pan, Gillespie adds the cheese sauce, two cubes of butter and salt/pepper to the pasta and water before any cooking is done whatsoever.

She brings the whole concoction to a boil, letting everything cook together, before adding a lot (and I mean, a lot) of heavy cream and some extra cheese to the frying pan to create a perfectly gooey dish of mac 'n' cheese.

It's unconventional, sure, and it might make a lot of Canadians mad, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't want to give it a go.

And, hey, it definitely has to be better than cotton candy Kraft Dinner.

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