RCMP In Manitoba Discovered Bags Of Weed Being Smuggled In Kraft Dinner Boxes

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Kraft Dinner Boxes Were Used To Smuggle Weed In Manitoba

RCMP in Manitoba revealed that boxes of Kraft Dinner were used to smuggle weed in the province and people have now been charged.

Officers learned about a shipment of "a large amount of illegal drugs" expected to happen on April 15 and then intercepted the delivery.

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A case of Kraft Dinner was seized by police and the boxes had bags inside with about 480 grams of "illicit dried cannabis."

After the discovery was made, three people were arrested and charged with multiple offences in connection with the drug bust.

RCMP said "possessing illicit cannabis is still a criminal offence" and the drugs are often associated with organized crime but "anyone abiding by the laws governing recreational cannabis use is not subject to enforcement."

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