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McDonald's, but make it gourmet! A chef on TikTok transformed two cheeseburgers and some fries into a fancy-AF meal, and the process was pretty wild.

Rather than eat his McDonald's meal straight from the brown bag, TikTok user took his food to his "chef friend" to transform it into a culinary masterpiece.

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The clip — which has now been viewed over 17.3 million times — follows the process as the chef transforms the McDonald's food into a meal even Gordon Ramsay would probably be proud of.

After unpacking the snacks, he begins by searing the cheeseburgers in olive oil and dumping the french fries into milk, cream and garlic to make "fancy" mashed potatoes.

To make the burger into "pithivier" (beef wellington), he adds some extra filling and wraps the burgers in "decadent" prosciutto ham, before wrapping the whole thing in puff pastry. Then, there's a pretty dark moment for french fry lovers, as the crispy, golden McDonald's potatoes end up in the blender.

In true fine-dining style, the meal is served table-side with a glass of red wine.

Despite the crime against the french fries, the final presentation looks pretty incredible and is seriously indulgent, too. Bon appétit!

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