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There's nothing worse than a cancelled flight, especially when you desperately have to be at your destination for something you can't miss.

A group of strangers recently found themselves in that awful position after Frontier Airlines cancelled their trip, so they responded with a plan that sounds like it's straight out of a movie.

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This British TikToker moved to Alberta and has been documenting her Canadian winter struggles, and people on TikTok actually came through to help her out.

After a dusting of snow in Calgary, Sophie Chittock was at a loss for how Canadians survive or even manage to walk in the winter weather.

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People on TikTok are loving videos shared by an Alberta TikToker where he's speaking French and the accent is really something!

Jase Ernest, a country musician from Alberta, first shared his wild French accent when he responded to a video by another TikToker who claimed "bad French accents are good."

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A person who lives in Arctic Bay in Nunavut posted a video to TikTok showing some grocery prices, and they are absurdly high.

People in Toronto have been searching for ways to save money since everything has become so expensive, and a common theme is finding ways to save a few bucks while grocery shopping.

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TikToker Sahar Barghian claims that Toronto Police Service (TPS) did not respond in person to her three 911 calls for an intruder on her property and told her that if no one had been shot or stabbed it wasn't a priority.

In a now-viral TikTok, the 24-year-old said a 911 operator told her to email Mayor John Tory to discuss why police had not shown up at her home after officers still hadn't arrived 40 minutes after her initial 911 call.

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