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7 High Paying Jobs To Get Straight Out Of College In Dallas

Go forth and conquer.

It’s the age-old adage: How do you get experience if you don’t have any experience? Have no fear, recent college grads, we’ve scoured the job boards to create a list of the most exciting jobs straight out of college so you can set the world on fire. Metaphorically, of course. All of these opportunities embrace the three magic words: No experience necessary.

Junior Data Scientist

Salary: $50K- $70K

Why You Should Apply: You'll gain in-depth knowledge into the big data industry, which is the hottest IT trend right now.

Entry-Level Public Relations & Communications Assistant

Salary: Negotiable (somewhere between $32K - $59K)

Why You Should Apply: You'll receive comprehensive training and development with a growing company.

Behavior Therapist

Salary: $15- $18/ hourly

Why You Should Apply: Get the highest quality training for services for children and young adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

Junior Software Engineer

Salary: $55K- $60K

Why You Should Apply: College graduates from engineering, computer science, electronics will receive an extensive training program and career growth with this company.

Entry-Level Medical Scribe

Salary: Negotiable (estimate is up to $48K)

Why You Should Apply: Get your start in the medical field by working alongside patients and physicians documenting the encounters.

Entry-Level Attorney

Salary: Negotiable (estimates $50-$60K/ year)

Why You Should Apply: If you graduated with a JD, practice family, probate, and civil litigation with this high-volume law firm.

Traffic Anchor

Salary: Negotiable (estimates $35-$83K/year)

Why You Should Apply: Get your foot in the door in Media and receive on-the-job training on how to prepare traffic reports and produce all markets in the Dallas Hub.