Lotto Max Winner In Alberta Thought She Won $1M Until She Put Her Glasses On

"I had to check it a third time."

Lotto winner Linda Gordon.

Lotto winner Linda Gordon.


A Lotto Max winner in Alberta initially thought she won $1 million but discovered the total was actually a bit less once she put her glasses on.

Linda Gordon from High Prairie bought her ticket at the Dynamic Petro Canada at 4439 52 Avenue in Whitecourt the day before the October 4 Lotto Max draw.

She added the EXTRA to her ticket and it paid off as she ended up winning a cool $100,000.

However, when Gordon checked her ticket the day after the draw, she wasn't sure how much she'd won as she wasn't wearing her glasses at the time.

"The first time I thought it was a million; I put my glasses on and scanned it a second time. Then I had to check it a third time to write down the amount,” she said.

Despite not winning $1 million, Gordon said she was in "total and absolute shock" after winning.

Gordon has already decided to tuck away her windfall for her retirement.

“It's more than I thought, and such a shock is all I can say!” she added

She joins a long list of Alberta Lotto Max winners in the last month, including a group of co-workers who had to keep the secret all day after realizing they had won $1 million.

An Edmonton man who won $1 million also decided he would send his best friend on vacation with his windfall.

A winning ticket for an enormous $70 million jackpot in the October 21 Lotto Max draw was also bought in Calgary.

Charlie Hart
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