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Lotto Max Winner In Alberta Took Home $13M & Didn't Tell His Wife How Much It Was At First

He also plans to help out his family.

Calgary Staff Writer
Lotto Max winner Assat Aytnyakov.

Lotto Max winner Assat Aytnyakov.

An Alberta man hit the jackpot and scored a huge $13 million in the Lotto Max draw but he kept the amount under wraps so he could surprise his wife.

Assat Aytnyakov from Cochrane bought a Lotto Max ticket from Shoppers Drug Mart at 100 -120 Fifth Ave W. the day before the August 9 draw.

The following day, he checked the winning numbers while having a quiet evening at home and made the shocking discovery that he had matched all seven numbers, landing him the jackpot of $13 million.

He was in disbelief about the win and headed to a local store to have the Lotto Max ticket validated by a cashier.

“This money is absolutely life-changing. It doesn’t feel real yet,” he said.

After discovering the huge windfall, Aytnyakov said he kept just how much he won a surprise for his wife.

“She didn’t know much, just that it was a huge amount," he added.

Now that he's claimed his prize, Aytnyakov has a few plans on how to spend the money which will go towards helping him enjoy his retirement and some will also go to the family.

“I also have a big family and I would like to share and help them out,” he said.

The lucky Lotto Max winner said he's excited to explore some hobbies too including nature photography.

“I live in a beautiful place with lots of mountains and wildlife," Aytnyakov said.

He still plans on continuing to play the lottery on occasion.

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