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A person who lives in Arctic Bay in Nunavut posted a video to TikTok showing some grocery prices, and they are absurdly high.

People in Toronto have been searching for ways to save money since everything has become so expensive, and a common theme is finding ways to save a few bucks while grocery shopping.

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With the price of groceries in Canada on the rise lately, chances are you could be looking for more ways to save money on food.

Because so many products are so expensive right now, it can feel especially bad throwing out something that's past its best-by date, especially if it looks just fine and is just a day or so out of date.

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Grocery shopping has gotten expensive no matter where you are these days, but prices near the North Pole are truly on another level.

TikToker Cecilia Blomdahl lives just outside of Longyearbyen on Svalbard, Norway, which is the world’s northernmost settlement and about 1,300 kilometres from the North Pole.

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It's no secret, grocery prices have gone up across Canada over the past few months and now, TikTok is here to show off just how bad it has gotten in Vancouver.

If you've noticed some seriously concerning price tags on food items you're not alone. Inflation is real and clearly, a lot of people's wallets are hurting because of it.

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Saving money has been an ongoing conversation for people in Ontario, especially when it comes to their weekly groceries.

Statistics Canada released its monthly consumer price index (CPI) in September, which shed light on inflation in Canada and the rise in grocery prices.

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