Alberta's Top Doctor Says Your 'Safe Squad' Should Be 15 People Maximum

You don't have to follow the two-meter rule with your safe squad.
Alberta's Top Doctor Says Your 'Safe Squad' Should Be 15 People Maximum

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's top doctor, spoke on Monday, September 21, about how many people you should have in your COVID-19 bubble or "safe squad." 

In the press conference, Alberta's top doctor explained that a cohort or a "safe squad" refers to a small group of people you can interact with without having to follow the two-meters-apart rule. 

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Your core cohort is your family or household group and up to 15 other people with whom you have chosen to spend time where rules about distancing can be relaxed.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw

She added that smaller core cohorts are less risky than larger ones. 

It needs to be the same 15 people in your "safe squad," and if someone is sick, they can't hang out with the group. 

Dr. Hinshaw also said that you might have other cohorts outside of your main one, and the number of people in each cohort depends on what exactly you're doing. They can include people you interact with in "sports league, in a childcare setting," or even at schools. 

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