The Calgary Flames Just Stole Vancouver’s Star Goalie & He Says ‘It’s Going To Be Weird’

He's on the other side of the rivalry now!
The Calgary Flames Roster Now Has Vancouver’s Star Goalie & ‘It’s Going To Be Weird’

It's trade season and the Calgary Flames' roster now includes Jacob Markstrom, formally of the Vancouver Canucks. 

The Swedish goalie signed with the Flames on October 9 and left the Canucks in the dust for the nice, long six-year contract.

In an interview for Flames TV, the athlete said “It’s always been one of my teams that I’ve been interested in” when asked what he thinks about joining the YYC team.

“It’s been a faltering and crazy day and I’m super happy with signing in Calgary,” he continued.

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What do you think it’s going to feel like being on the other side of that rivalry with the Canucks now?

Ryan Dittrick, Flames TV

The goalie responded to the question by saying the Flames have always had “such a good team,” he said. “Playing against them was never fun."

“I’m happy I’m on that side. It’s going to be weird for sure, at the start, to especially play against Vancouver where I’ve been for a long time.”

He said it's a new chapter and he's super excited to call Calgary home. 

The player explained that he and his family are super excited and that they love the Albertan city

Jacob Markstrom is a hard-hitter and the Flames are so stoked to have him on the ice for the upcoming season.

The player has even changed his Instagram profile photo to that flaming C we all know and love out here in Calgary.