Calgary Is Getting A Drive-In Haunted House Next Month & It's Going To Give You Nightmares

Halloween is saved! 👹
Calgary Is Getting A Drive-In Haunted House Next Month & It's Going To Give You Nightmares
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We hope you’re in the mood for something scary because there’s a drive-in haunted house in Calgary next month and you need to go. It sounds seriously terrifying and there are three different themes to pick from. Just because you’re in your vehicle doesn’t mean you’re safe from getting spooked. 

Haunted Calgary is bringing an attraction to the city like no other. 

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Due to the current state of the world, a haunted house isn’t really an option. But just because we can’t wander the inside of a spooky mansion doesn’t mean we can’t get the fright of a lifetime. 

Coming to Calgary next month is the city's very first drive-in immersive Halloween experience. 

You don’t have to leave your car as all the terrifying people and pop-ups will come to you. 

According to Haunted Calgary, you get to pick from three totally original theatrical productions. 

Once you have it settled, get into the car and get ready to scream.

The seven-minute-long story will have you gripping the steering wheel and guess what, you can’t escape.

During your drive, you’ll be asked to remain inside the vehicle at all times. 

You’ll also want to have your windows rolled up unless otherwise instructed. 

Once you are loaded up into the “scare bay,” you'll be asked to turn off your ignition and hand over the keys. 

Tickets are on sale now and go for $50 per vehicle. 

We suggest going with a group of friends so you’re not alone. 

Shows will begin on Saturday, October 10 and will run every Friday and Saturday until Saturday, October 31. 

The only exception is Friday, October 16 when there'll be no show.

Tickets are already selling out fast so if this seems like your thing, then get in while you still can. 

There are showings every 10 minutes starting at 7 p.m. and running until 9:50 p.m.

On Halloween day, more showtimes will be available and they start at 4 p.m., when it’s still light out, with the last showing at 11:50 p.m. when things are at the peak of scary. 

To amplify your experience you can choose from a number of add-ons including a photo with the Scream Team. 

The bone-chilling shows to pick from include “Dead End,” "Carnival of Carnage,” and “Pandora’s Box.”

On the website, there’s a brief description of what you’ll be getting into so you can pick the best fright for you. 

Fair warning, be prepared to take your car in for a wash after. You never know when a bloody hand might hit the windshield. 

Halloween Drive-In

Price: $50+

When: Saturday, October 10, Saturday, October 17, Friday, October 23, Saturday, October 24, Friday, October 30, Saturday, October 31

Address: 260300 Writing Creek Cres., Balzac, AB 

Why You Need To Go: It's October. You need to get scared at least once. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer