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Oreo's Halloween Version Of Their Gingerbread Houses Have Been Spotted In Canada (PHOTOS)

Halloween is in the air and in grocery stores too. While it's still over a month away, shops in Canada are already stocking seasonal food and decorations. One chain is even carrying the Halloween version of Oreo's gingerbread houses

When the cookie company released their kits last Christmas time they were popular. They quickly sold out at Canadian Tire, one of the retailers who sold them. 

It even got to the point where people were re-selling for $150 on eBay. 

Now, almost a year later, a Halloween version of the Oreo houses has been spotted on store shelves. 

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An Instagram account called Junk Food Canada shared a photo of the product which they say was taken at a Shopper's Drug Mart in Oakville, Ontario by @zombieman1369. 

It was included in a round-up of seasonal snacks. 

According to the box, the kit is called the Mini Spooky House.

It includes pre-baked cookie walls, mini Oreos, icing, purple and orange candy balls, and something they call scene setters. 

The photo doesn't show a price for this product. 

However, a spokesperson for Loblaws, which owns Shopper's Drug Mart, confirmed to Narcity that they are carrying this new product. 

They said it retails for $10.99 and will be available for the duration of this year's Halloween season, while supplies last. 

Canadian Tire, which carried the Christmas versions of the cookies last year also has a listing for the Halloween houses on their website, also priced at $10.99. 

However, the site reads "this product is currently unavailable in your store" and there is no option to search at other locations.

It remains to be seen if other retailers will carry this version or the original gingerbread house again. In 2019, the cookie's Christmas kit was announced in mid-October. 

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