Sunwing Party Plane Guy Says He's Hiring A Personal Assistant & Will Pay $1 Million A Year

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Sunwing Party Plane Guy Says He's Hiring A Personal Assistant & Will Pay $1 Million A Year

If you're comfortable handling drama and controversy, this could be the job for you. Sunwing party plane organizer James William Awad says he's hiring a personal assistant and will pay the right person $1 million a year.

Taking to his Instagram story and Twitter page on Sunday, February 6, the controversial character announced that "it's time" for him to take on a personal assistant.

While no additional details about the would-be role were announced by Awad — who goes by his stage name, Senior, on Instagram — he later told his followers that the starting salary for the job would be $1 million per year.

It's not clear what the position entails, although applicants could probably expect to do general personal assistant duties such as taking phone calls, organizing Awad's diaries and scheduling meetings and events, among other things.

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No information about who can apply or how to apply was shared publicly, either.

For those who haven't heard of Awad before — he's the guy behind that controversial Sunwing party plane saga back in January.

As the owner of 111 Private Club, he organized the privately chartered flight from Montreal to Mexico, during which Quebec influencers were spotted flouting COVID-19 public health measures by dancing, drinking, vaping and refusing to wear masks or social distance on the plane.

His response to the backlash was almost as contentious as the flight itself, as he demanded apologies from airlines that refused to fly them back home, called his critics "sheeps" and said he'll run for president in 2034.

Despite all of the drama created by both the influencers on the plane and the subsequent response from Awad himself, the business owner claims that 111 Private Club is more successful than ever.

He says "thousands" of people have asked to be a member of the exclusive club, which opened to new applicants as of February 1, 2022.

Not deterred by all the controversy, the club owner says he's got plenty of events planned for the year ahead, too.

While it sounds like a potentially stressful job to work for Awad, he's promising a pretty competitive salary. It's probably worth it… right? … Right?

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