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James William Awad Says 'Thousands' Of People Have Now Asked To Join 111 Private Club

Awad told Narcity how people can become a member.👇

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James William Awad Says 'Thousands' Of People Have Now Asked To Join 111 Private Club

James William Awad — the person behind the infamous Sunwing party plane — says that he's had "thousands" of new requests to join 111 Private Club and opened up about what it takes to join.

Speaking to Narcity Quebec on January 10, Awad revealed that the controversy surrounding the December 30 flight has not deterred people from applying to join the members-only club.

In fact, he says the drama has had the opposite effect. According to Awad, "thousands" of people have contacted 111 Private Club regarding membership over the past week or so, with hundreds currently "waiting for approval."

The club is opening to new followers as of February 2022, but he says they must be interviewed first and then be hand-selected by Awad himself.

In French, he told Narcity that things like "personality, energy [and] vibe" are considered during the interview process.

He also "makes sure they understand the rules," and finds out about an applicant's age, background and "general status in society." This includes their employment status and education as well as criminal record.

"Members all have invitation codes," Awad explained. "They earn invitation codes by coming to events, etc. With those invitation codes, they can invite people [to join]."

However, members must be careful about who they invite because there are consequences if things go wrong. "If they invite someone who gets banned, they can't invite anyone else," he said.

In fact, the founder revealed that people get banned fairly regularly at 111 Private Club, saying that "at every event we ban people."

The group hosted several events in 2021, including a chalet party in Trois-Rivières on June 4, a pool party on July 3, a "Wolf of Wall Street" event on August 28 and the infamous trip to Mexico on December 30, among others.

For those not turned off by the controversy surrounding the privately chartered Sunwing flight to Cancun, another vacation is already in the works.

"We are going to Greece for the next trip," Awad confirmed.

He's recently hit back at his critics too, describing them as "sheeps" and urging people to "wake up."

On Monday, he also demanded that several airlines apologize to the passengers involved and promised to run for president in 2034, although the country in which he intends to run is "not yet determined."

The Sunwing flight is currently being investigated by Transport Canada, and those found guilty of flouting public health measures could face hefty fines and even possible jail time.

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