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The Sunwing Party Plane Organizer Says 111 Private Club Is Accepting New Members Next Month

"Video interview required."

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The Sunwing Party Plane Organizer Says 111 Private Club Is Accepting New Members Next Month

The company behind the controversial Sunwing party plane says it's opening up to new members as of next month.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, January 9, 111 Private Club announced that "you'll be able to join the Private Club on February 1st."

It added that a "video interview" would be required.

The mysterious "club" describes itself online as an "Exclusive Private Group (By Invitation Only)."

Earlier this month, another post claimed that 111 Private Club had reached 1,000 members and revealed that you must ask an existing subscriber for an invite code if you want to join. It also states that insiders must be at least 18 years old to get involved.

The company recently came under fire for being behind the controversial Sunwing party plane, which flew to Cancun on December 30, 2021. 111 Private Club organized the trip, which involved Quebec-based influencers and reality TV stars partying maskless while drinking alcohol, vaping, dancing and flouting public health rules.

While the club's owner — James William Awad — was initially apologetic about the incident, he later backtracked and called out his critics.

On December 9, he tweeted, "Reality of the story, sheeps are mad because people partied on a private chartered plane where partying was allowed. Wake up!!"

Both Awad and the 111 Private Club Instagram page also shared a video of Jimmy Fallon calling the influencers "knuckleheads," prompting some people to accuse Awad of failing to take the situation seriously.

The same can't be said for the federal government though, as officials have promised to investigate the December 30 flight.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the actions of the passengers were a "slap in the face" and reiterated that Transport Canada was taking it "very seriously."

Multiple influencers and reality TV stars who were passengers on the flight have started to distance themselves from what happened, describing the incident as "unacceptable."

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