Sunwing Party Plane Organizer Demands An Apology From Airlines & Says He'll Run For President

He says life in Canada feels "dead."

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Sunwing Party Plane Organizer Demands An Apology From Airlines & Says He'll Run For President

James William Awad — the organizer of the controversial Sunwing party plane — is now demanding that airlines issue "an apology" to passengers and says he'll run for president in 2034.

The 111 Private Club owner took to Twitter on January 10 to claim that, "You need a 'passcode' to use the intercom on the plane," and asked, "How did it happen then?"

He went on to "demand an apology" from multiple airlines, including Sunwing, Air Canada and Air Transat, who refused to fly the party plane passengers back to Canada.

Awad also ordered an apology from Transport Canada and told them to "unblock everybody you've blocked right now."

Shortly after, he tweeted, "Running for President in 2034," before adding, "Country not yet determined."

A few hours earlier, a message on the 111 Private Club Instagram page read, "It's time to live … We're tired." Awad revealed that he is currently in the United States where "everything is open" and "every one is alive."

He described life in Canada as "dead" and said it has been that way for the past two years.

Despite originally saying he understood "why many fellow citizens are upset about the current situation," Awad has backtracked in recent days and has been calling out his critics on social media.

On January 9, he described them as "sheeps" and told people to "wake up." He also said he would "never apologize" on behalf of those involved in the controversy.

Awad and his company have been criticized after videos of a privately chartered flight on December 30 went viral. Clips showed a number of Quebec-based influencers and social media stars partying maskless on board while drinking and smoking.

Awad has also been called out for failing to take the incident seriously after he described the behaviour of those on board as "A1" and shared videos of The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon calling the group "knuckleheads."

Transport Canada and other federal agencies have launched an investigation into what happened and said the reports of disruptive behaviour would be taken "very seriously."

Some passengers who have already returned to Canada were "stopped and interrogated" when they landed.

It seems Awad has not been put off by the drama though, as 111 Private Club announced it would be accepting new members as of February 2022.

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