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The Student Pilot Who Was Seen Vaping On The Sunwing Party Plane Just Issued An Apology

"I'm a human being and I have emotions."

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The Student Pilot Who Was Seen Vaping On The Sunwing Party Plane Just Issued An Apology

Another passenger from the controversial Sunwing party plane to Cancun has issued an apology for her involvement in the scandal, saying that she's ready to "face the consequences."

The passenger, whose Instagram handle is @vanessa_cosi, was identified by the Journal de Montréal as Vanessa Sicotte and the person seen vaping in videos from the December 30 flight. The publication said she is studying to become a pilot.

In a series of messages shared via Instagram, Sicotte revealed that she's been the target of death threats and insults since the story of the Sunwing flight spread on social media.

"Hi everyone," she wrote in French. "Now that I've returned home, I'd like to take a moment to talk to you following the situation with the December 30 chartered flight."

"The situation became a scandal on social media, which wasn't really warranted," the trainee pilot wrote.

She went on to "sincerely apologize to all those who may have been disappointed by this situation" and said sorry specifically to her friends in the aviation community.

'The truth about what happened'

"My actions did not paint a nice image of who I can be," the message read. She acknowledged that a Transport Canada investigation has been launched and promised to "face the consequences if there are any."

Later, she added, "The truth about what happened on this plane will come out one day or another. I'm sincerely sorry if some of my loved ones were disappointed by what they saw in the media."

The student said she has been receiving death threats, insults and lots of hate since video clips from the privately chartered flight went viral. "I'm a human being and I have emotions," she said.

She's not the first passenger from the flight to speak out following the controversy. Multiple Quebec-based influencers have also apologized for their involvement and one person's mom even went on TV to say sorry on behalf of her daughter.

The individual behind the trip to Cancun — 111 Private Club owner James William Awad — was initially sympathetic about the situation but later backtracked and spoke out against his critics, calling them "sheeps."

He also told people to "wake up," described life in Canada as "dead" and said he'll run for president in 2034.

For those not put off by the incident, he says the private club is already planning new events and is accepting new members as of February 2022.

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